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So this new company, Remee say they can help you dream lucidly. Why? What? How? Well first, watch the video below. It’ll get you in the right mindset. All set?

Ok, to proceed: Have you ever had a dream where you knew you were dreaming? What did you do? Did you wake up and think nothing more of it? What would you say if we told you you were on the verge of something entertaining or even sublime? Lucid Dreaming is the ability to understand and control your dreams as they happen, and it’s something people have been doing for thousands of years!

What is Remee?

Remee is a specialized sleep mask designed to help increase the frequency of your Lucid Dreams. The key to Lucid Dreaming is recognizing when you’re dreaming. That’s where Remee comes in.

Inside what looks like a normal sleep mask is a microcontroller.

During your sleep, Remee flashes a series of customizable, recognizable light patterns via six rear facing LEDs.

The lights aren’t bright enough to wake you up, but, if you are dreaming, they can appear as visual anomalies in your dreams, helping the dreamer recognize the fact that they are dreaming, and become lucid.

Once lucid, you can begin controlling the world around you.

And for $95 (£60) you can order these here!

Thanks Polux for sharing :-)

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This Monday I have been lucky enough to attend the TEDxBrussels 2012 Conference at BOZAR Museum.

I use the term lucky as it was an incredible « concours de circonstances » (just unsuccessfully tried to Google-Translate this term, so if you do not speak French, « tant pis pour vous! ») that led me to have a VIP ticket from Accenture, won on internet by a high school friend from Solvay Business School (Merci Philip!).

An unfortunate turn of events later and over dinner he tells me he cannot go, has to stay at work on Monday, and cannot find anyone interested in his ticket. So there I was, sending a last minute email to my boss on a Sunday afternoon, « could I please please please take my day off tomorrow and assist to the conference »!

« Bref », 8am the next morning, there I am, sitting on the first row of the BOZAR theater, waiting for Steve Wozniak to open the day. Classic. Can’t believe there was a time when I hated Mondays!

So, as TED is all about sharing, I am going to post here my top-5 speeches from TEDxBrussels.

Top 1 – Zoe Laughling

Artist and maker Zoe Laughlin is a co-founder/director of the Institute of Making and the Materials Library project. She holds an MA from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design and obtained a PhD in Materials within the Division of Engineering, King’s College London.


Working at the interface of the science, art, craft and design of materials, her work ranges from formal experiments with matter, to materials consultancy and large-scale public exhibitions and events with partners including Tate Modern, the Hayward Gallery, the V&A and the Wellcome Collection. Her particular areas of interest are currently The Sound of Materials, The Taste of Materials and The Performativity of Matter, with outputs ranging from theatrical demonstration lectures to the making of instruments and features on both radio and television.


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NASA‘s storied space shuttle program may be history but ships are still making bold voyages into space — at least, in Lego form.

A Romanian man built a Lego space shuttle and sent it on a mission toward the stars. And the miniature craft nearly made it to space, reaching a reported maximum altitude of 35,000 meters, or about 21 miles. Its journey is documented in an amazing YouTube video (below).

A regarder jusqu’à la fin !!!

Oaida affixed the Lego shuttle to a helium-filled balloon with a GPS and video camera attached. After launch, he followed the Lego shuttle by land in a car until the would-be spaceship left GPS range. The shuttle eventually landed about 240 kilometers, or 150 miles, away from its original takeoff point in Germany.

Oaida is Romainian, but said in a blog post that his home country had too much bureaucratic red tape to make conducting the feat from there practical. So he traveled to Germany, where authorities were apparently more receptive, to launch the mission.

“I’ve always been profoundly inspired by spaceflight,” Oaida wrote, “the Lego Shuttle was the only space program I could afford.”

NASA’s space shuttle program ended after 30 years when the shuttle Atlantis concluded its final voyage last July. Luckily, with people like Oaida, its spirit of innovation and exploration lives on.

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La Singularity University est une « université multidisciplinaire dont la mission est de rassembler, d’éduquer et d’inspirer les dirigeants qui veulent  comprendre et faciliter le développement de façon exponentielle par l’avancement des  nouvelles technologies avec l’objectif de relever les défis de l’humanité ».

Ami Google, quelle humilité!! (Et ce n’est pas tout :)

« Avec le soutien d’un large éventail de dirigeants dans les milieux universitaires, commerciaux et gouvernementaux, Singularity Université espère trouver des solutions aux défis les plus urgents de la planète. »

Et ils s’en donnent les moyens : La Singularity University est basée sur le campus de la NASA Ames dans la Silicon Valley.

Au programme des cours :  

 Technologie, Intelligence artificielle et robotique
 Réseaux et systèmes informatiques
 Biotechnologie et bioinformatique
 Médecine et neuroscience
 Etudes prospectives et prévisions
 Politique, droit et éthique
 Finances et Entrepreneuriat
Energie & Ecologie
Espace et sciences physiques

Tout cela packagé dans un programme de 10 semaines, qui ne vous couterons que la bagatelle de 25 000 dollars, et pour ce prix, vous etes logés nourris blanchis !

(Je plaisante, mais si je les avais je les paierais sur le champ!!)

En attendant, je vous invite a vous ballader sur le site et je promets de poster sur ce blog les vidéos les plus interessantes !

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